Create an Azure Container Registry and publish a docker image

Microsoft has just released Azure Container Registry preview at Connect(). It is a private Docker container registry service like Docker Hub, GCR, and AWS ECR. I have a test run of ACR. Creating an Azure container registry As usual, I sign in to the Azure Portal to add a new object. Here is the information I use to […]

Use a Message Handler to Set ASP.NET Web API’s Current Thread Culture

ASP.NET Web API provides very streamlined support in the framework to handle content negotiation. In HTTP specs, following Accept series of headers are used in a HTTP client to set in the request for content:

ASP.NET Web API supports first two headers out of the box. The framework itself would select the right MediaTypeFormatter class […]

64-bit iOS7 and ARMv8: What Does It Mean?

Daniel Eran Dilger provides an inside look into the 64-bit iOS 7 and ARMv8, and compares a possible 64-bit Android environment. In short, the benefits of moving iOS apps to 64-bit include the hardware advantages of the A7’s 64-bit cores (including more registers, and likely more cache), the improvements and optimizations inherent in the new […]

Ballmer’s Retirement

In the past 15 years, Microsoft grew from an operating system and office software company, to an enterprise software company (Windows Server systems, Dynamics, Sharepoint), a consumer electronic company (Xbox), an online service company (Bing), and more recently, a cloud computing company (Azure). Microsoft did what most companies do when they grow – diversifying their […]