Create an Azure Container Registry and publish a docker image

Microsoft has just released Azure Container Registry preview at Connect(). It is a private Docker container registry service like Docker Hub, GCR, and AWS ECR. I have a test run of ACR.

Creating an Azure container registry

As usual, I sign in to the Azure Portal to add a new object. Here is the information I use to create the registry. Please note that I forgot to enable Admin User during creation. So I would need to change the registry settings later.


After the registry is created, I open the container registry overview.


Please note that the registry settings are actually under “Access Key“, which is an odd language choice – still in preview. I could enable the “Admin user” option in Access Key.


The ACR is then usable. Here is the important information one could use for the Docker images:

  1. Logon server — This is my private Docker registry.
  2. Username and password — These are for docker login command.

Push a Docker image to ACR

I have an image built for Alpine version of NGINX Docker image with libressl and luajit.


Please note that I have the image built already. However, I still need to tag the image to use my ACR.


Now log in to my private ACR with docker login.


Then push the Docker image.


Viola! Now I have the Docker image available in my private ACR. I can pull the image from ACR easily.